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General Rainbow Bacon

Two Questions

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I have two questions about Doom in UDMF:

1. How do I make one of those separate monster boxes so I don't have to connect it to one of my rooms?

2. How do I make a door that requires a key?

I know these are noob questions, but I've been mapping for 3 weeks and don't know much yet.

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Xtroose said:

  1. Use a SpawnSpot in a script instead of monster boxes.

Personally I hate when ZDoom maps do this, because it makes running "kill monsters" at the start of the level useless. :P

In any case, though, to make a separate "box" that's not physically connected to one of your rooms but is still considered connected (for teleporting purposes or whatever else), draw it separately in Doom Builder, then select the sector you want to merge it with, and select the separate box, and press J. (Select the in-map accessible sector first, so that it'll keep the height/texture/lighting/etc properties from that.) They're now merged into one sector, despite them being physically disconnected on the map. Now, sound will travel to any sectors connected to either of the newly-merged sectors, until it is stopped by either a solid wall or two Block Sound lines in a row. (Note that sound as heard by monsters, which travels based on sectors and block-sound lines, has no relation to sound as heard by players, which travels solely based on distance.)

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esselfortium said:

or two Block Sound lines in a row.

I just learned something. I'd have thought only one such line was enough...

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Gez said:

I just learned something. I'd have thought only one such line was enough...

Indeed. Two lines are required before sound is blocked, in order to avoid situations where you're standing on one side of a block-sound line, a monster is standing right on the other side of it a few feet away, and they can't hear you.

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I always found this really strange. It seems that the guys at id did not know about this behavior, because they tried to block the sound in E2M2 with it, but it did not work, because they only used one line with this flag set. I am wondering whether this is a "bug" in the source code or a map error.

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