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Yet another stupid monster teleporter question

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I'm curious about how the monster teleporters in Chris Hansen's ritesmit.wad work.

In the eastermost part of the map E2M2 there are sectors with monsters. The sectors are connected to each other and to the sector 494, containing two sergeants. When I press 'fire' at the start(*), all the monsters in sectors 496,527,539,540,541 do hear me and are ready to teleport in as soon as their teleport tags are activated. The sergeants in the sector 494 do NOT hear me. How is it accomplished?

(*) I made the following test: I grabbed the blue key pacifist-style, entered the area begind the BK door and then fired. The hidden monsters can hear me again!

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Yeah, thanks. Now I see it, I believe. Almost EVERY monster is deaf in this map (there are maybe 30 non-deaf non-teleporting monsters overall). The sectors with the distant teleporting monsters hear me because the sound travels through sectors 15,27,30,60,72 etc. (I'm putting the big ones here). They only are ignorant me to when I shoot before triggering tag 1. Thanks for the reply even though I wasn't very precise with what I wanted to know.

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