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General Rainbow Bacon

ZDBSP has stopped working

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I noticed a while back (DB1 era, I'm sure it's fixed now) that occasionally when you join sectors ZDBSP will stop building nodes... I seriously doubt this is what's affecting you, but just in case, change your nodebuilder to ZenNode or BSP-W32.

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If it's the joined sector bugs, save the map without building nodes, then open it again. DB will tell you it has removed unused sectors. Try building the nodes again then.

Either way, you should not reinstall DB2 if you have troubles with ZDBSP. It's better to download the latest ZDBSP, which is newer than what is included in DB2. While you're there, grab the latest ACC as well.

Overwrite the content of <Doom Builder 2 directory>\Compilers\Nodebuilders with the new ZDBSP, and the content of <Doom Builder 2 directory>\Compilers\ZDoom and <Doom Builder 2 directory>\Compilers\Skulltag with the new ACC.

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