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General Rainbow Bacon

New Weapon problem

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One thing I noticed immediately is that you have some entries in the PP_xxxx region which are not patches. I don't think that's *technically* illegal, but it's bad practice IMO.

Also, I can pick up the BFG-10000 just fine. However, you have to add an entry to your WAD named KEYCONF and add the following line in there:

setslot 8 BFG10000
There is also addslotdefault, weaponsection, and some other KEYCONF keywords you can use that control how a new weapon is handled. Check the ZDoom Wiki for more info.

The way your WAD is set up now is that the player can pick up and use the BFG-10000, as long as he doesn't change to another weapon. In order to retain the BFG-10000 for later use, you have to KEYCONF it.

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