I decided to start a thread for my (in preparation) Hexen wad that is planned to be a sequel to Curse of d'sparil.

I was thinking I'd use it to post a bit about my issues with working with Hexen for the first time. Like understanding ACS, dealing with the textures and game play issues I come across.
In reality it's just an heartbreaking scream for attention.

LOOK AT ME!111§½!§13232145678900 D:

First on the agenda:
I've already bitched a bit about this before. But I think it's worth mentioning again.
It's ironic really. People around in the community has been moaning and joking about Heretic's limited resources. (99 textures or so in it's entirety) But I've always professed the opposite. That the fauna of that game is rich and bountiful. Despite it's low quantity, the quality and variation is amazing and I really enjoyed working with the textures as they were. I did make a few very minor texture changes. But in all, you can do some great things with the resources found in Heretic.
Hexen on the other hand. I was prepared to go into it. Doing what I did with Heretic. But, to my dismay. Looking closer at the levels in Hexen and the resources. I found that there are not much there.
While there are a significantly larger quantity of textures in Hexen, many of them are special cases (arms of a clock for instance), animations, or switches. The rest are stone and brick themes that are mostly the same gray and brown color and to make matters worse, there are 4 versions of them all, even further depleting their variance.
There are also no real trims or contrast textures to work with. Heretic had red and blue and greens that you could place to liven up a scene. But also many decorative frescoes that you could place to give an added dramatic effect to a scene in your map. There's very little of this in Hexen. And none of them are as dramatically efficient as the ones in Heretic.

This leaves me at a point where I got a few choices.
1. I could rip said textures from Heretic to create more of the same style as in Curse of d'sparil. This would probably further advance the progress of the level designing as I am well familiarized with them and feel at home working with them. It's however not something I am really interested in for several reasons. I'm foremost not interested in making another Heretic wad in Hexen. If I wanted to make more Heretic maps, I should make them in Heretic.
2. I can look for texture resources online. Unfortunately, most of them are virtually as poor as the resources in Hexen. While they got tons of stark contrast trims (GothicTX for example) you're leaving yourself shit out of color.
3. I'll make more textures and try to make them match the resources of Hexen, at the same time as I add color. I've already started making some textures. Though I made a few metal trims that are heavily inspired by Heretic's such trims. (I love them too much to let them go)
In reality, it was never really any option. I just wanted to demonstrate a bit of how I think when I make this choice.

So far I've not come very far with making new textures. Making adjustments to work with the designs of the original is a slow process as well as that I am yet unsure of what textures I will actually be needing. But here are a couple of shots where I've done tests. At the time of writing, they are however a bit outdated:

Map status:
Map01: 98%
Map02: 98%
Map03: 98%
Map04: 30%
Map05: 30%
Map06: 30%
Map07: 20%
Map08: 0%

That's it for now.