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Point Pusher & Puller

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In Boom, how do I use pushers and pullers?

I need to do a sector/effect to push (or pull) the player back when reaching certain point of the sector. I NO need a very thick strong ice, wind, current, etc sector.

Isn't supposed that placing a pusher, and when player "touching" it will push or pull him?

Thanks in advance.

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The sector must enable them, or they'll have no effect.

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The bummer is that MBF, Eternity and PrBoom with MBF settings make the point pusher & puller affect monsters without user's consent. A potentially challenging gameplay element is transformed into something that immobilizes all resistance.

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Gez said:

In ZDoom it's subject to a compat flag. ;)

... and without that it's controllable per actor...

I never understood why Lee Killough implemented all these features in MBF but then completely forgot to expose them in a usable fashion.

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