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Quake live pro tournament today.

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I figured that someone might be interested in watching this.

Silent gamers Quake Live tournament conclusion is about to start. With guys like Zero4, Rapha, Griffin and Dahang in the roster. It's gonna be sweet. :)

Go check out the live stream over at DJwheat.

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Is there a standalone, non-privacy-busting version yet? I'd love to play if there is.

Edit: it's already over, and there's no video of it. :(

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Csonicgo said:

non-privacy-busting version yet?

Aren't you the guy that loves Google Chrome?

For that matter, what the hell does that statement have to do with Quake Live in the first place?

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chungy said:

Aren't you the guy that loves Google Chrome?

At least Google Chrome doesn't scan my memory space in paranoia for "hacks". As if that works in the first place? All it would take to get someone banned is for someone to fake data known to the Punkbuster database as a known hack and ban a user outright.

That's my only beef with Quake Live- it uses an anti-cheat system that a pissed-off lamer can take advantage of to ban a user by pasting simple text into an IRC channel. When you're scanning my entire memory space, you're violating my privacy. I shouldn't have to have my entire memory space (all 8 GB of it) scanned because I might have a wallhack. It's a game, for crying out loud. Please, id, use something else besides this horrible anti-cheat system.

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