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Two things

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One, Do you take the same amount of damage on Ultra Violence as you do on Hurt Me Plenty?

Two, are the new monsters d/lable from realm667 zdoom-specific?



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Skill	Menu name	Source code 	Thing placement 	Ammo 	Special
1	I'm too young to die	sk_baby	The same as in sk_easy	Double	Players take half normal damage
2	Hey, not too rough	sk_easy	Least numbers or strength	Normal	
3	Hurt me plenty	sk_medium	Default numbers or strength	Normal	Used unless otherwise defined by the user
4	Ultra-Violence	sk_hard	Greatest numbers or strength	Normal	
5	Nightmare!	sk_nightmare	The same as in sk_hard	Double	No cheats4, fast5 and respawning monsters 
So yeah. HMP and UV give you the same damage.

The only setting that changes how much damage you take is "I'm Too Young To Die".

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