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ZDBSP for non-Zdoom maps. Good ? Bad ?

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I've seen multiple posts saying you shouldn't use ZDBSP for non-ZDoom maps, but recently I've been "forced" to use it (ZenNode failed and glBSP resulted in the doomguy noclipping through half of the map) and so far there hasn't been any error ; playing, and recording and watching demos all seem to work fine. ZDBSP is also so much faster than the other nodebuilders I'm starting to wonder if using ZenNode might actually be a dumb choice.

So, is there an actual downside to ZDBSP, used on Boom compatible maps ?

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The only downside is that ZDBSP's nodes tend to be a bit larger than Zennode's.

The reasons for that advice were some problems that have been fixed long ago. By now ZSBSP is a good and stable node builder for all ports. The only issue may be with what ports expect from GL nodes.
ZDBSP's approach is a bit different than GLBSP's For example, ZDBSP will never ever create unclosed subsectors and also never create subsectors which reference sidedefs from different sectors. On the other hand it will create degenerate subsectors (containing only 2 lines) in such cases. But this is only of interest when it concerns rendering of vanilla rendering hacks which involve unclosed sectors.

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