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Some 1024 maps of mine

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This'll be good for first demo attempts.
Note, for fda, its just fastest to the exit; you don't have to get max kills... though it can be safer to sometimes. And total time is all failed times added together.
I suck at fda cuz its too tedious or something.

edit: nice maps. My fda's are terrible though, don't watch them (died/gave up on all except 1 I think, I have no patience for fda):

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MAP05 has some serious issues. There are dozens of "holes" that the player can fall inside of and become trapped. If these are intentional, at least add something that will kill the player or let them escape. As of now, you just fall into them and you're stuck. Game over.

Edit: There also seems to be no exit. There's a button which you'd think was an exit switch--but when you press it, it lowers into the floor and nothing happens.

Screenshot of one of the MANY holes I fell into:

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I'm assuming the 'hole' you're falling into is the one after the yellow door (it's the only one you can get the position in the screenshot from). If you had played the map the whole way through rather than cheating and skipping half of it, that hole (as well as all others) would have been raised. Also remember that it's Boom-compatible, and so there's no jumping or crouching.
Oh, and the exit is right by the sign that says 'EXIT'.

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No, that is not the (only) hole I fell into. There are at least 12 holes in this map. Second, I only enabled cheats to get out of the goddamn holes that I continuously fell into. Prior to that, I was playing the game without any cheats whatsoever.

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My fdas ... The later maps were kinda fun, but 2's beginning was horrible with the height differences, plus I (literally) got stuck and didn't finish. Meh. There're also quite a few chaingunner traps, which is ... ok on small maps like this I guess, but it makes me hate your guts ;P There were very few situations I thought plasma was actually needed in the maps you gave plasma, although it comes in handy when getting the drop on the revenants in a few spots -.- The cyberdemon in the last map seems a bit unnecessary ... maybe replace with some more revs. Just my HR-style opinion though.

There were a few minor misalignments I noticed in passing, you might notice me pausing for a bit to point them out or something. Otherwise the architecture is ok, nothing too outstanding but nothing really wrong either.

As for leaving the vanilla midis in, it was ok after maps 1 and 2 -.-

EDIT: @ subatomic: takes screens of the map position too, not just what the bottom of the pit looks like, if there's a legit problem it's a lot easier to point out the sector without making him guess where the heck it is.

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ArmouredBlood said:EDIT: @ subatomic: takes screens of the map position too, not just what the bottom of the pit looks like, if there's a legit problem it's a lot easier to point out the sector without making him guess where the heck it is. [/B]

Good point. I'll take a few more pics and post them tomorrow.

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Here are my demos. Some stupid hits and mistakes but some good play too. http://www.sendspace.com/file/8ibqh8

MAP01 - At first I thought this incredulously hard but once I learnt the slime wasn't damaging I got it. Easy start.

MAP02 - Goodish. Felt a bit too cramped and the close-range traps are verging on unfair. In contrast, the exit AV was almost no challenge.

MAP03 - Not much fun. Definite advance knowledge required to escape these traps. Gave up in disgust due to the engine pulling a bullshit resurrection facing an Archvile :P

MAP04 - Good. The verticality was nice and just on the limit of not being too much. I take alot of stupid hits in the demo :P

MAP05 - The start was a bit ridiculous due to lack of cover and barely being able to see your enemy below you. The rest was predictable.

MAP06 - Great map. Attractive theming at the start, the teleporter made things very unpredictable. My only gripe was the cliff where the Revs wait below you and stop you jumping down. Monster block them further back or something.

MAP07 - I expected this to be alot harder. This reminds me of why I hate Lost Souls.

MAP08 - Again quite easy. I got somewhat confused as to which way to go, though that little Archvile window made me panic. I thought he was going to resurrect half the map :P

MAP09 - I suck at Cyberdemons. Once I made it to the top of the stairs only to come face to face with two Hell Knights? I give up. Too embarrassing to include demos.

I don't usually go for 1024 maps but these were overall pretty enjoyable. MAP06 was my favorite.

Edit: Godmoded MAP09 and figured out a route. I was actually trying to rocket the Cyberdemon half-off his pedestal and render him harmless and shoot him in the back from the key, but this way worked just as well. Sorry for being lame.

I actually noticed a few places in these maps where you could render monsters harmless doing this. Don't forget to use monster-block lines on pedestals :)

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