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Changing Pistol Sound via DECORATE

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Hey everybody. Hope someone can help me out with this problem^^.
I want to change the sound of the standard pistol in DooM2.
ZDooM Wiki says I have to create a SNDINFO.lump and a DECORATE.lump.
So I did that. The code in DECORATE is as follows:

ACTOR UAC9mmStandardPistol : Pistol replaces Pistol
AttackSound "weapons/UAC9mmStandardPistol/fire"

In SNDINFO i've created a line:
weapons/UAC9mmStandardPistol/fire SAFIRE

I've created a simple test map in DooMBuilder(ZDooM in Hexen Format), opened the .wad file with xwe and loaded in the two .txt files and a new sound file called 'SAFIRE'.
Then I started the map, but yeah, nothing happened. I copied the whole original 'Pistol-Code', and added the line:
AttackSound "weapons/UAC9mmStandardPistol/fire"
Nothing happens, the pistol sounds like always. What did I wrong?

THX for any help

EDIT: Yeah I know, that I can simply change the pistol sound by replace the original DSPISTOL sound with another. But the chaingun uses the same sound.

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You don't have to make a replacement pistol. SNDINFO is all that you need.

When you fire the pistol, it plays the sound "weapons/pistol". When you fire the chaingun, it plays the sound "weapons/chngun". In the default SNDINFO lump, both these sound names are mapped to DSPISTOL. Here what you can do is change the association for one of them (either "weapons/pistol" or "weapons/chngun"), and the other will not be affected, and you will not need to create a replacement weapon in DECORATE.

As for why your attempt didn't work: A_FirePistol does not use the weapon's attack sound.

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