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Help with making a Invasion map

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I have some questions on making an invasion map

1.How do I put a wave cap on a level( Example wave 1 out of 7)
2.How do I add custom monsters so that they'll summon in waves

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1. you'll need to make a CMPGNINF lump to set what wavelimit you want to each map. like this:

mapname = MAP01
gametype = invasion
wavelimit = 5

this will set the wavelimit on map01 to 5. obviously.

2. to make a custom monster invasion spawner, you will have to make a new entry in the DECORATE lump. like so:

actor mymonsterspawner : custommonsterspawner 32002
dropitem "mymonster"

this decorate item should have the same parameters as the other invasion spawners when you add one to the map.

this will also work for custom weapons, items, artifacts, etc.

if you need any extra examples check the Skulltag WAD/PK3.

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