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Nerfing a monster

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I want to use the 'poison soul' custom monster (from realm667) in my pwad, but I'd like to nerf it to the characteristics of the lost soul. It seems currently they attack more often then the lost soul (maybe), are faster when they attack, and attack more frequently. are these parameters in the DECORATE lump?



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You'll have to edit the DECORATE Lump inside the PWAD to match your preference.

You may use any Lump Editor, such as XWE, SLumpEd...

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Compare with the original.

Look at flags and properties. See what they do. Look at state durations and codepointer parameters. A monster that calls A_Chase every three tics is faster and more aggressive than another that calls it every six tics.

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But, what do you really want to do? If you want to "nerf the monster to the Lost Soul", you can just replace the graphics and you are done.

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