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Supreme Commander 2

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Anybody play the demo yet? It..

-Performs and looks better
-Highly saturated units a bit questionable.
-Better sense of scale
-Economy takes getting used to
-Fun with maps

I'm definitely buying it when it comes out.

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I downloaded it on Steam yesterday. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first one, which wasn't overly much. I still prefer playing TA.

The campaign is OK, the characters are somewhat low quality when compared to the rest of the game - they seem... ill fitting? The 'training' levels were lame, but thats coming from someone who already knows how to play. The few levels in the campaign were nicely designed and played well. Not sure what to make of the research system.

I was pleasantly surprised about the performance though. My laptop couldn't play SupCom that well, but this demo showed no sign of poor performance.

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I played the demo for about 30min; I didn't really see what I'd be missing from this game instead of just playing the original, the only gripes I had were that I couldn't figure out how to get the 2nd monitor to zoom independently and the game ran on average a little slower than SupCom1 (both maxed though). I'm biased though (I am a big fan of SupCom1), even before playing this I think it is one of those games that didn't need a sequel.

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Planky said:

Who needs SupCom1/2 anyway, when you have Total Annihilation Escalation? heh.

Does it fix the AI at all? I remember seeing AI's start on small islands in skirmish and pump out lots of kbots and vehicles, to the point that the island has half-covered in them.

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Yes it does. Most maps released these days have upgraded AIs on them - you can download a fair few too. Whenever I play its against 6 or so computers, on hard, with a very aggressive AI that will use Krogoths, Nukes and a shit load of units (whether it be air/hover/land or water).

On another note, Total Annihilation is now available as a digital download at Impulse. Supposedly they will be releasing updates for it as well.

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