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Assault on Tei Tenga Questions

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A bit earlier, I decided to go back to Assault on Tei Tenga since that was the first WAD I played with hub for Doom. But it also made me aware of ZDoom's features I never knew were implemented (internet was very limiting for me).

Anyway, upon playing it again, I realized that I had a question back in the day about the wad which I never surfaced before (I have other questions as well, though).

If it isn't for the fact that I have, up to now, been unable to work Opulent's demos, I wouldn't ask:

-Could someone please let me know if jumping is permitted/necessary in this WAD? I ask because there is only 1 place where it seems necessary: there are transport trains on the second level, one's control is blocked off by crates.

This(these) is just misc questions if anyone knows:

-With the exception of the first level, might anyone know where the other level music tracks are from?

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Never_Again said:

Did you know that Zdoom has no inter-version compatibility?

Maintaining backward compatibility for demo requires using branching every time you make a change that can cause desync to the code. This can easily lead to code explosion, and make bugs harder to trace. In essence, you ends up having several versions of the engine in the same executable file.

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Thanks for the link.

EDIT: The demo keeps going out of sync around the time he kills all imps and the villain destroys the computer.

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Do not ever alt-tab out of a demo, or it will desync. Not saying that you did, but that's something to know. It's a bug that has been around forever in ZDoom.

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@Gez: Don't worry, I always watch demo's to the end without cutting off or changing focus.

TimeofDeath: Yep, I do use a screensaver, but I usually move the mouse slightly every now and then to make sure it doesn't go into screensaver mode. But I disabled it and checked again (in case that's you meant :) ) and no cigar.

I suppose it's tough luck on my end, unless someone is able to find the technicality behind it :P

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The demo doesn't desync for me either. I downloaded either teitenga.wad from /idgames or dsda, I unzipped 1.17c, raised the brightness a bit, exited and ran the demo with this batch file: zdoom -file TeiTenga.wad -playdemo teng2446.lmp

Dunno what's wrong for you. :/

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