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Should the speedMIDIing sessions continue?

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I'd like to hold a few more speedMIDIing sessions, perhaps on a monthly/bi-monthly basis - is it something that the community would be willing to participate in? I'd like some feedback on how future sessions should be held to allow for as many participants as possible. I did go over the feedback given in the first session thread, and I took as much of it as I could into account. Unfortunately, no-one even posted in the second session thread I put up about a month ago. What happened? :S Was it just horrendously bad timing on my part, or an actual lack of interest?

So far I've this to go by for the next session:

  • The round system has proven somewhat ineffective, and I will most likely not repeat that for any future sessions.
  • The length of the session is currently leaning towards 24 hours, during which period, entrants don't have to spend ALL the time working, and can also enter multiple submissions if they find they have a few hours spare. However, much shorter time spans (ie. 2-4 hours) pressure the entrants into composing quickly, and experimenting with their submissions in ways they aren't used to, in order to get done before the deadline.
  • Plenty of notice should be given before the session commences, rather it being "WE'RE STARTING IN 15 MINS GOGOGOGO". If necessary, there'll be two threads made: a "hype" thread, and an actual session thread, à la the 32in24 sessions.
  • The radically different time zones should be taken in consideration, before the starting time of the 24-hour composition period is decided. The time (and probably length) of the session should, ideally, be universally agreed before the session starts.
  • The position of session "host" is entirely open. If the starting time falls at an inconvenient hour for the host, someone in a more ideal time zone may step in to declare the opening and closing of the session.
  • I've also decided that there's no need for a sign-up list. Whoever enters, enters. On that note, the person hosting the session MAY submit something of their own if they so wish. There's no competition here. Similarly, no judging/ranking system for the submissions is needed.
  • The set style of MIDI should not be restricted to broad genres. Actual sequences of notes to work around, using some rarely-used instrument for a key phrase, or indeed NOT using certain instruments are all far more interesting "styles" (all these were suggested by Creaphis).
  • An IRC channel would be... useful. Not absolutely necessary, but would definitely come in handy for intercommunication between entrants during the session.
Any more feedback is appreciated. I want these sessions to be as interesting as possible! ;D

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I really liked what your session produced (when it did produce) but I think you really need to advertise a bit more and get the word out. I'm sure there are a good number of people who would like to contribute, it's just a matter of knowing. And yeah, just keep it simple. The rounds were just silliness. One theme, one session, and ample time to know that it's coming; you reveal the theme later, at a set time which all of the participants wait for. That was my takeaway lesson from running 32in24s at least.

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If I would know about these sessions in advance, I would sign up for them. But it seems like they just suddenly start as soon as the thread is posted and I'm asleep or some shit.

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