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Doombuilder 2 crashes upon launch.

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Ok, so when I try and run doombuilder 2, It immidetly crashes and I get a microsoft error report window. I tried this with both release 1245 and even 1238 but the same thing happens.

I tried reinstalling microsoft .NET (Wont let me, apparently I have a newer version or something it say?) and I also installed SlimDX, but it still crashes. Also, I am using Windows XP.

Help me guys.

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Same likes me before but at last is works! Only one problem is DISPLAY CARD that requires Nvidia GeForce come with Pixel Shader or another vga card will support it! So, check your display card before use this program. That all!

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I'd suggest you post a bug report here and provide a bit more detail from the error report than you have here.

ninja edit - Oops, didn't notice the thread had been bumped.

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