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Inhuman Strain

Doomworld Metal Thread (surely Doomers enjoy metal)

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Bumped. Didn't want to start a new thread because I can see some people hate that. D:

As for the the criticism that power metal is shallow... there are bands like Omen who's debut album will prove that wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5afBoqqVlZw
But nowadays power metal is way too flowery, and has no substance at all, and really nothing exciting is going on in the mainstream bands doing it anyway. But then again, modern sounding metal sucks in general. Everything is about pointless emotionless guitar wankery and studio magic nowadays instead of just great songs that have character and an honest conviction.

Celtic Frost rules, also been listening to a lot of SARCOFAGO lately. "if you are a false, don't entry!"

I'm a fan of the resurgence of early 90's death metal, really killer bands like RepugnanT, Bastard Priest, Morbus Chron, Katalysator, Vanhelgd, Ignivomous, Dead Congregation, Ekron Cult, and Funebrarum are coming up with some seriously mind blowing music!

Also a massive fan of 80's heavy metal from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Mercyful Fate. And bands like Witchfinder General and Black Sabbath, though these are more doom metal.

Anyway, this youtube track sums up what death metal is all about, raw, fast intense, dirty, and aggressive riffs, primitive reaping drumming, evil sounding melodies and guitar solos, and a horrifying vocal performance!

And lastly, nu metal is not metal, and is pretty much worthless in every way.

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I think genres are a great tool to find similar artists but often people take them way too literally and it causes retarded arguments. People need to take a step back and realize that genres don't actually exist, we just create them to generalize. Many bands don't fit into one categorization.

For example, nu-metal is one of the most retarded and non-specific labels. People consider system of a down as well as linkin park to be nu-metal. These bands are extremely different - I personally love system, and couldn't care less about linkin park.

Anyway, like many others have stated, I don't like an endless barrage of screaming and thrashy instrumentals. If you're hitting every drum as hard as possible at all times, it's just boring. It's not "brutal" at all. Same with screaming - without any dynamics or changes, it's completely emotionless and annoying.

As for what I like, it generally spans many genres. I like System, Tool, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica (only their good stuff tho :P), to name the mainstream stuff.

My friend has recently got me into Doom Metal, which I find would be awesome doom music :D. Closely related are Stoner Metal and Drone. These are generally slower tempo and, well, more stoned than other forms. Some bands he's introduced me to are Sleep, Sun, Electric Wizard, High on Fire, Mastodon, Kyuss, Neurosis, and Baroness. (I don't know if all of these are actually Doom/Stoner, whatever)

Here's one of my favorite High on Fire songs, The Face of Oblivion:

high quality:
low quality:

Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis:

Sleep - From Beyond

If you can't listen to the electric wizard or the sleep songs, it's because you haven't been ripping a bong for 2 hours straight :D

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That whole nu metal label is bullshit, I agree. Because all the bands that are labeled as nu metal are actually rock bands. But the commercial music industry fuck heads decided to latch that nu metal term onto them to cash in on metal being popular at one stage, and so nu metal, along with Pantera (who actually claimed to have "saved" metal) actually helped kill metal until early to mid 2000. Because of them, we had ten years of useless bands that couldn't play their instruments properly and couldn't write decent songs, or songs that even had a direction for that matter. Terms are useful, but only when they're classifying genres that AREN'T made up by the modern music industry.

There are quite a lot of bands who can pull off great songs that are brutal from beginning to end, like Incantation, Repulsion, Grave Desecrator and arguably Black Witchery... and so forth. But when you first start listening to death metal you'll probably not enjoy it and dismiss, but the more you start picking up on the guitar work and drumwork, and understanding the atmosphere behind the music that each band tries to achieve, the quicker and easier it will be to appreciate the music, and you'll start developing a higher tolerance and attention span when it comes to listening stuff like that. This can happen over a period of up to a year though. :)

I enjoy Electric Wizard's stuff that I've heard so far. Haven't bought anything by them yet though. If you enjoy Black Sabbath and Doom metal in general you should also check out this band, Blood Ceremony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am2fcSNTWOs A Black Sabbath tribute band done by Satanic b grade horror loving hippies, with one the best vocal performances done by girl. I can only imagine how awesome this will sound when your high, :) although I don't smoke weed or anything.

Ever since I saw a High on Fire band photo I vowed to never listen to their music. heh D:

The only Metallica album I can listen to is "Kill em All", great album, other than that, I hate those greedy hypocritical pricks. The only reason they got popular was because of bootlegs sent around in the early 80's which helped spread their music across the world and got them attention by record companies and is the reason that they are where they are today. Now Sucktallica decides they're going to wage a war on bootlegs.

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That blood ceremony song is interesting, the singer reminds me of straight up goth rock. I love the flute (speaking of jethro...lol)

As far as 100% brutality, like I mentioned I'm all for it when I'm at a show. I just can't listen to it for very long unless I'm crashing through a horde of intoxicated punks.

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They're also totally inspired by 70's rock... so replace that "goth" with "70's". :)

I've never been to a live show (atleast where a band knew how to play their instruments) because I live in South Africrap. I love listening to bands who play their music full tilt because the music just overwhelms me and speaks to me, but I also like listening to heavy metal, doom metal, and thrash metal, for some diversity... all depends on what mood I'm in.

Anyway, for those who enjoy death metal, here some classicks!!!



R.I.P. Chuck

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After looking at the title of this thread, I can't help but compare it to an assumption such as all Germans must be Nazis. It IS possible for those who enjoy a violent game focused on killing demons to not like screaming, howling, growling random dissonant noise people have the nerve to call "music", ya know.

EDIT: In short, to me it's the other end of the spectrum from rap. Anybody can grab a pair of drumsticks and randomly start banging on a drumset with anger, crank up an amplifier to a deafening level and strum up and down on an electric guitar, and growl into a microphone, all without any melody or rhythm. Makes you wonder if these "musicians" have any actual musical training at all.

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I find it funny when people attach that "ooohh i don't know what's going on so it must be noise with no talent" sticker onto metal, and then they'll throw in the nazi comparison to make themselves feel better. Just because you can't decipher what's going on as the music is played at a frantic pace that is above your head (and imagination too it seems), doesn't make it "noise". Lots of good bands use melodies in their riffs, they just use them in different ways than whatever you’re used to. And have you ever heard a thing called a guitar solo? Also, just about every metal band has rhythm in their music too, but like I said above, a lot of the time it's just played at a pace with a structure that average Joes just don't "get". Metal is inspired by blues and classical music in the form of song structures and so forth, so saying it's not music is like saying that music doesn't exist, or that DooM isn't a game. :)

Your entitled to your opinion, but it seems to me that you've based it off some nu metal song you've heard on MTV one day, or something. No one said you have to enjoy metal either, but please don’t post stupid generalizations putting everything into a box. The title reads "surely Doomers enjoy metal" (which was probably inspired by the fact that DooM1 had a metal influenced sound track.), it didn’t say "LISTEN TO METAL OR FUK U". And the only time someone got called out earlier in the thread was when there was a misunderstanding.

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Anaal Nathrakh and The Axis of Perdition are my long-time favorites. Also the last Rammstein album is awesome.

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I see DeathevokatioN has some great taste in music ;)

I quit discussing (read: defending) metal with people like Texas Libre a long time ago. Either hes just trying to be an asshole and provoke, or he`s just narrowminded and probably 12-13-14 y.o.

Anyway, deathevo: I`m playing at the same festival as Repugnant this summer (and Obituary, The Devils Blood, Venom, Dead Congregation, Suffocation, Angel Witch, Nunslaughter)! fuuuuuuck, gonna bve great!

edit: and a surprise act, which I have good reasons to believe is no other than AUTOPSY!!!! FUUUCK!

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Ah awesome mate, that roster looks fucking awesome! I really wish I could go to a fest like that, don't really know The Devils Blood, but every band I do know is godly. Didn't know RepugnanT reformed though, they said something about not reforming again on their Myspace? Hopefully it's not just another empty reformation cash in, no doubt they'll kill live though! :)

Have you ever heard an American band called SACRIFICIAL BLOOD? The drummer / vocalist is a pen pal of mine, ever since I interviewed him for my print zine, he offered to help out with the zine and we've been in contact ever since, he's one of those people that are always pissed off at the scene, often quoting "Metal Means Stupid" by SCEPTOR... which is funny as hell. haha. Anyway, here's some footage of one of their performances. They have a very devoted feel and honest conviction in their music, influenced heavily by proto death metal era DECEASED, as well as the all fucking mighty AUTOPSY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Gnb77emrk

Which band do you play in btw?


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Texas Libra said:

I have a dick in my mouth

So are you saying rap is the most intelligent and skill-requiring kind of music? Or are you saying that it is just as "easy" as the "non-music" found in metal???

Either way, you're fucking retarded

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Texas Libra said:
After looking at the title of this thread, I can't help but compare it to an assumption such as all Germans must be Nazis.

After looking at his post, I can't help but notice Texas Libra is stupid.

The "surely Doomers enjoy metal" does not necessarily mean everyone that likes the DOOM games has to like metal, but that, since they include metal music for their levels and their general theme is similar to what appears in a lot of metal lyrics and imagery, metal lovers will predictably be attracted to the game.

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Metals, eh?

Avantasia. Most of it is fairly run-of-the-mill power metal, but there's a few gems thrown about. Like this one which isn't really power metal at all.

While we're on the subject of power metal:

Blind Guardian. Awesome stuff.

So, a few of you like Celtic Frost, eh?

Triptykon is Tom Warrior's new outfit, which is basically Celtic Frost v2. The album is a death/doom mix, and is the second time Tom's gotten artwork from H.R. Giger for an album cover.

For quite a while, I thought Devin Townsend's Terria was the best metal album I ever heard. Then I found Orphaned Land's Mabool. They recently released a new album, and it contains the finest metal song I've ever heard:

It's produced/mixed by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree too.

Being Aussie, and surrounded by metalheads at work, it'd be sacreligious of me to not show some of the local talent.

Gospel of the Horns have played about four "last ever" shows now. They're playing in Brisbane this Friday. As long as they keep reforming, I'll be happy.

And then there's the band Portal (not the Canadian one). They will destroy you.

We played this cruising past a beach once where doof was the order of the day at a very loud volume. The looks we got were priceless.

...and because I can:

(PS metal is far from the only form of music I like)

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DeathevokatioN said:


The Devils Blood plays occult rock! Very 70`ies, doom laden and melodic dark rock :P I saw you mentioned Blood Ceremony, so you should check out TDB.

Yeah, Repugnant reformed to play live. But I`m my guess is they`ll release something new as well :P

Nope, I`m not in Deathevokation, hehe
I just joined Lobotomized as a live member. You can check it out at myspace.com/lobotomized . Very "childish" and humorous, but still...I like it! Not the best recordings in the myspace though. Also Eric Cutler from Autopsy will do some guest solos on the upcoming album! fuck yeah!

My other band Abominat ( myspace.com/abominat ) recently split up, but we are awaiting a 7" split EP on Relapse together with Drawn and Quartered! Will be out "soon" I guess, haha

And lastly Flesh Torment ( myspace.com/fleshtorment ). A mix between brutal old school death metal and some grindcore. Doing the vox in the near future!

edit: I`m at work right now so I cant check out your links, but I will when I get home!

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So your name's Lian?

I checked out Lobotomized, and from what I heard it was awesome! I have a soft spot for bands with catchy music infused with awesome sleazy lyrics, especially if they're silly. Some parts reminded me of Abscess, and others reminded me of Venom for some reason. So awesome! And the fact your getting Eric to do some guest solos makes it even cooler!

I remember reading an interview with ABOMINAT in that French zine, PUTREFACTIVE EFFECT - "Issue Fuckin' 4"... great interview, heheh. The part at the end got my laughing the most, it went something like "Ok Lian, I stop wasting your time now, I'm ending the interview", and the guy replied "Ok I'll stop wasting the reader's time now". Was awesome. :) Love that zine though, while the writer listens to some music I don't fully agree with, he is a total devoted maniac and the zine is really is fun to read.

Is anything from ABOMINAT available for purchase anywhere? I searched Hells Headbangers but they didn't stock it. Sorry to hear you guys split up though, why did you break up? Was it because of difference in musical taste or something?

Did you check out those links I posted yet? Because here some more!

Flesh ripping German bestial death metal, sounds like PESTILENCE "Consuming Impulse" mixed with SEPULTURA "Morbid Visions".

Ritualistic and haunting death metal from the UK that sounds as if it were played and recorded in a mausoleum, really awesome atmosphere!

I'll check out Flesh Torment a bit later today.:)

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Heh, Gooberman, you posted some good bands there. Been a fan of Gospel of the Horns and Portal for a while, myself. Gospel of the Horns' debut album and first EP were both pretty awesome and epic, still trying to get into their second full length though. Portal has one of the most abstract, least accessible and outright scary style's I've ever heard in death metal. Here's my favorite clip of them... terrible recording, but skip to 3:36 when a Pantera fan jumps up on stage and tries to fuck with the band. Funny as hell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O3LxB_q8EY

So I take it you live in Australia? :)

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Yes. Brisbane, as I implied earlier.

A good friend and ex-workmate of mine runs a label down here, Obsidian Records. They've put out some good releases and they also distribute other label's stuff these days. You can purchase the second Gospel album right here.

Also highly recommended:

Rookwood. I'd link a song but no one seems to have Youtubed them yet, so head on over to their Myspace instead.

Cauldron Black Ram (they have two albums out).

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deathevo: yeah, I`ve heard those bands! They are all good! Grave Miasma are actually playing at the same festival I spoke of earlier :D

We don`t have anything for sale, but No Posers Please! Records do have some of the 7"`s. BUT, I can send some stuff to you if you want? I`ll send the first demo (sux :P), the promo and the 7" (sux). Also I`ll throw in a Flesh Torment tape!

Cant promise you that I`ll send it in the near future though :P I have to dig some of those up from...god knows where, also the FT tape needs to be finished first.

edit: and yeah, we split up because of...well, we became rather tired of the style/path we were taking. So instead of changing style totally and keeping the name, we just split up. Well, me and the drummer quit the band actually. So the two of us (and also the vocalist I think) are going to do something else. I think maybe Flesh Torment will be somewhat of a priority

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darkreaver said:


Looks like I need to go live in Europe... heheh, that lineup really looks way too good to be true. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I was born here. :)

That sounds awesome, thanks a lot, brother. :) We can make a trade, I guess... heh, I'll send you some zines and some stuff when it's all ready.

Have you heard Grave Hill yet? Another killer band with a devoted old school conviction... their album, "Rites of the Pentagram" is almost too good. Almost worth getting just for the rant inside the booklet! hahah


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Mnemic are one of my favourite bands, got all their albums and everything.

Deathbox rules.

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Equilibrium, haha, damn, that band is SO over the top! I hate that kind of metal, but Equilibrium takes it to another level, it`s actually funny/cool at times :P The Song "Mana", damn...wtf?? :P

deathevo: yeah, a trade is cool :)

I have heard Grave Hill, yes. Very good! They are also featured on the upcoming 7" series from Relapse, which Abominat is on also. It`s six 7"`s, with one band pr side; ergo 12 bands. Lots of good stuff! Especially Claws (one man band from Finland (one of the Hooded Menace dudes))! Crematory (swe!) worship to the max :P

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I hate the way Relapse abandoned death metal for shitty metal core and nu metal bands, and now suddenly that it's become cool again they're cashing in on it. I sent them tons of aggressive hatemail halfway through last year calling them faggots and corporate pricks, that fuck metal up. They also destroyed early 90's late 80's metal bands with their stupid contracts. Fuck them! But I guess if they treat you alright it's Okay to sign with them, hahah.

I used to be in touch with the guy behind Hooded Menace and Claws, until he started openly bashing Kam Lee to suck up to Billy from Razorback Records. Claws is pretty cool, very menacing and vicious sounding stuff!! Love Crematory though, one of my favorite bands actually! I'd rather just to Candlemass than listen to Hooded Menace though, haha.

One more Swedish album I need to get is the INTERMENT demo set, aaarrghhh!!! To me that's how Swedish death metal should be, vicious, raw, evil, and with balls!

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Have i already pissed everybody off by saying i like Dragonforce on this thread yet?

Also there's a relatively new band just starting called White Wizzard who are brilliant. I prefer thier second, newest, album but both are great. Lots of songs about classic cars!

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dessevo: it`s just this one release. I do agree about Relapse, but I dont HATE them for what they did :P They can do whatever they want (changing generes, bands), there are plenty of labels releasing great suff these days. The part about being total pricks to their old bands and stuff, yeah...that totally sucks though. Also, they are not gonna "cash in" on this underground, limited release anyway :P

Relapse bacame a big label, good for them, but 95% of their bands totally sucks imho.

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I'm just getting into metal, and I've been finding a lot more hits than misses on this forum. Thanks for everyone that has posted. My library is expanding.

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A couple of more bands that I enjoy are Adagio, a French progressive metal band; Epica, Vanden Plas, Symphony X (who if I heard correctly are planning a new album for 2011), Shadow Gallery, Alestorm, Falconer, Sonata Arctica, Pyramaze, and Time Requiem. Rhapsody of Fire is good too if you listen to the musicianship and don't mind all the fantasy lyrics. Dunno if this list will help anyone's collection or not. Dunno what the tastes are here, but this list will probably help anyone's collection.

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