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Slade2 on Vista

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Hi All,

The wind up of the Win7 RC has me back using Vista Home Premium. Shattered as I only just found out that I could apply online for a free upgrade 10 days after the offer expired :(

Anyhow. So I'm now using Slade2 on Vista and I'm wondering if anyone is also using it on Vista and has made video or compat changes to improve stability? Slade was pretty solid on Win7 but it's proving to be quite prone now to lock-ups at previously OK times (under Win7).

So far I've set it for XP SP2 compat and turned off desktop composition and visual themes when running it etc.


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Cheers Slayer.

Must have some funny settings with my Nvidia drivers perhaps. I've put on the latest drivers etc. Seems a fair bit better now that I've visual themes disabled for it at the application level.

BTW will you be re-writing the map editor for Slade3 or bringing across a large portion of slade2?


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Well I plan to re-write it, but a lot of the stuff in slade2 i was pretty happy with so I will probably end up copying a lot of the code.

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