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WAD Ideas

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Post any WAD ideas you might come up with.

Relic - In fact, I'm working on that now! The premise is that a UAAF academy student asks to be sent to investigate a distress call in a UAC base and is sent there. The name "Relic" just stuck because of the Doom II mapping style I use, and it's still a working title.

Doomguy in Intellectual Property Theft - This would be a project to see how many references of other media I could cram into a PWAD. If it could be categorized like a fangame such as Sonic Robo Blast 2, then I guess I'll actually carry through with it. It's not like I'm selling it anyway.

Post away!

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Note that I have absolutely no prior experience editing levels, and would have to learn the craft before actually making any of these... they're just ideas for now.

Serious: The Walk - A megawad of outdoor levels which coincide with Doom 2 storyline-wise. You play a survivor of the attack on Earth, walking along an eerie, abandoned highway (or series of streets) in each level, with only demons for company. I'm planning to make it fairly hard, and I'm hoping to add something in that makes vultures start circling overhead when your health dips below 30%.

Possible level names: Highway To Hell, Route 666, The Beaten Path, Roboto-Bahn (multiple Cyberdemons on I'm Too Young To Die)

Detail-oriented: Busch Gardens - I've seen a lot of my college/my house/my farm wads, and wanted to do some megawads of local tourist attractions in my area. The Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg seems to have the most Doom-friendly architecture. This one will probably take a while due to the massive amount of detail required.

Level names: After the names of the "countries" in the park; Banbury Cross (England), Aquitaine (France), Oktoberfest (Germany), Festa Italia (Italy), etc.

Scary as hell: Busch Gardens Howl 'O Scream - Every year in October, the park gets "haunted" and all the attractions become Halloween-oriented. Some of them are high-octane nightmare fuel, and all of them would make awesome Doom levels.

Level names: Festa Dementia (killer clowns!), Wicked Woods, Sea Dog Cemetery (zombie pirates!), etc.

Semi-serious, with some humorous overtones: Doom Slanted - Referencing the eye shape of the culture that inspired it, this is a two-part, 18-total-level megawad based on Asian creatures and culture. Expect pagodas, rice paddies, bamboo mazes and other bizarre architecture as well as new monsters (ranging from obvious ones like ninjas to less obvious ones like carnivorous mutant pandas). Also expect the unexpected (Hello Kitty fans will be pleased; that's all I'm going to say).

Possible level names: Bamboozled!, Pandamonium, Ninjas? Where?, Yin and Yang (that one has a "hard side" and an "easy side"... you can get to the exit using either path)

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I once wanted to make a doom level in which the doomguy visits a huge theme park about Doom. You would be able see familiar places from Doom I and II rebuild as a theme park attraction, having stuff like rollercoasters, ghost trains and water rides. Kinda like Disneyland.
I also wanted to make a little house where you could visit E1M1 with a water ride along the entire level. There you would see electronical zombie recreating several fight scenes (like those electronical dolls in theme parks, but I have no idea what they are called in english). You also would be able to go behind the level scenery trough hidden doors in the walls, where you could find shortcuts to other theme park attractions. At one certain point, a hell should break loose in that theme park and the monsters, which looked like robots before, start coming to life.
Sadly I never really started this level, but maybe I will do it later.

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