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Massmouth 2 Help

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Hey. I'm trying to do all the WADS I have without cheating on them. The only problem is when I am playing Massmouth 2. I am on level 10, the Texas Linguine Foundation. I have gotten the yellow keycard, gone and gotten the red keycard, and then gotten the blue skull key, but then I don't know what to do. The red skull key still has the force field which requires a blue keycard, the big building has a 6 door lock, the worm thing has a bug white thorn in it's stomach and the arena area with the blue keycard has no entry. Where do I go from here and where is the Yellow skull key. If it's any part of what I have to do, I HAVE destroyed the statue in the middle of the map.

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This level has some slopes which were effected by a 'fix' at some point in ZDoom's development. The slopes that make up the worm building's throat are now the reverse of what they are meant to be. You can noclip past the slopes. Only thing is that in a later level there is another slope that prevents going any further.

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