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Community Chest 2 MAP24 problem (no, not this one)

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Here's a link to one of my first attempts demo at this map (Hey, not too rough at the moment)


It was recorded the following way:
-complevel 9
-file cchest2 cc2_m24f

cchest2.wad = 27 884 804 Bytes, Date 2004-12-06
cc2_m24f.wad = 2 406 553 Bytes, Date 2008-09-22

The problem is: I take a lift to the nostrils. Sector 1581 is a teleporter which is supposed to serve as the only way to return. I walk over the teleporting linedefs several times, and... nothing. I am trapped (you may use -skipsec 680 parameter, it is after 11 minutes of play). Absolutely no idea why. Is it one of the "unreachable secrets"?
Can also someone tell me which secrets are possible (I'm learning the map...)

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As the author of the aforementioned cc2_m24f.wad, my unofficial bugfixed version of the level, I decided to check into the matter ASAP. I looked into the level again, and took a good look at that teleporter. After that, while I didn't watch your demo, I determined it was a Hey, Not Too Rough demo by looking at it in a hex editor. (It's not hard to understand why you went on HNTR, I can tell you. ;) )

In summary, the problem you encountered is that the landing spot for that particular teleporter does not exist on the Easy skills. I am not making this up.

A full list of the secrets in this level can be found here. In essence, you can't reach sector 884, the side area at the very north of the map, because of the same bug that prevents you from finishing the level, and even if you can reach it (via ZDoom, a compatibility function or my patched version,) you can't climb on any of the three crates in the secret area to the northwest (secrets 1973-1975,) which are also flagged as secret.

In light of this thread, I've considered updating the bugfixed version again to fix this and the mistakenly-flagged crates. If any other bugs creep up, feel me to inform me.

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wow i really messed that level up :/ sorry. im really not that into playtesting, to be honest.

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