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Doomsday Engine and saving/loading

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I'm new to these forums (not new to DOOM, though). I hope I've posted in the correct place.

Doomsday Engine is the best DOOM engine I've used. It has ONE problem: it crashes when I try to load a saved game. I have to IDCLEV to a level I want, and of course that means starting over, ammo-wise.

It's Snowberry 1.2. Any help would be appreciated. What should I post? This is the end of doomsday.out:

DOOM 2: Hell on Earth
Game state parameters:
P_LoadMap: "MAP20"
convertMap: Attempting conversion of "MAP20".
WadMapConverter::Convert: Attempting map conversion...
WadMapConverter::Convert: DOOM map format.
BSP_Build: Built 633 Nodes, 634 Subsectors, 3129 Segs, 1468 Vertexes
Balance +2 (l20 - r18).
Build subsector tables...
Build line tables...
convertMap: Successful.
R_InitLinks: Initializing

Map 20: Gotcha!
Author: id Software

Segmentation Violation


I had been using deng-1.9.0-beta6.8. On a hunch, I downloaded beta6.7 and I no longer have trouble loading saved games (although I can't go up to as high as resolution as I could in 6.8). So I call bug! What should I do to report it?

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audiodef said:

It's Snowberry 1.2.

I'm pretty sure the Doomsday/jDoom version would be more relevant than the Snowberry version.

Segmentation faults are typically caused by trying to access a null pointer. Presumably a bug or oversight in the loading code prevents full initialization of a pointy structure.

Are you loading anything -- mod, texture pack, model pack, anything at all -- in addition to doom2.wad?

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No need to report it audiodef, we know of the problem and have already fixed it for the next release (which should be happening within the next week or two).

This particular issue was due to a naive change to accommodate splitscreen multiplayer in beta6.8

A temporary workaround for this is to always start a new game before trying to load.

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