Vela Pax is a work-in-progress map set for Doom 2 consisting of 6 very large, detailed maps made for single and COOP play. The maps will be compatible with PrBoom+, ZDoom, and Eternity (and any other port that supports the Boom-compatible, strong limit removing support with ZDoom's extended node format).

The 6 maps will be split into 2 mini episodes, with each episode representing an overarching theme. The first episode will be human-constructed themes (techbases and similar) and the second episode will be gothic and hell themes. The maps will be playable from pistol start and the gameplay will focus on non-linear flow, exploration, generally paced gameplay, and mild difficulty. Map gameplay length will likely range from 2-3 hours per map.

The maps will make use of Doom 1 and 2 texture resources with some of my own edits and updates thrown in where I see fit (based off of stock Doom resources). However there will be brand new, 1024px wide sky textures which will not be derived from stock resources. In addition there will also be some new sprites, a few new objects, a few enhanced weapons, new music, some new graphics including a new font set, a tweaked COLORMAP, possibly a new boss monster, and maybe even a big secret or two!

My goals for this project are to gain some experience with singleplayer mapping and also to explore how to create large, non-linear maps that are fun and interesting to play and explore. I also want to find interesting ways to use the stock resources as well as see what sort of cool scenes I can make.

Questions and comments are always more than welcome!

- Vela Pax Beta 2.1 | [19mb] (be sure to check the readme!)
- Vela Pax Beta 1 [18mb] (this is old; see beta 2.1!)
- Time Lapse Doom Builder video - #1
- Time Lapse Doom Builder video - #2 (Part 1)
- Time Lapse Doom Builder video - #2 (Part 2)
- Vela Pax MAP01 - Zerkin' Around
- Jimmy Stream Part 1
- Jimmy Stream Part 2
- Jimmy Stream Part 3
- Gif of MAP01 line construction (courtesy of Revenant and dmvis)

Super Jamie

MAP01: Excella - Done
MAP02: Substruct - Done
MAP03: Pinion - Not started
MAP04: Faxanadu - Layout/Detail 80% : Lighting 5% : Gameplay 0%
MAP05: Apollyon - Done
MAP06: Dreamsnake - Not started

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