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Silent Hill 2 Flashlight with GZdoom possible?

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I was searching all forums I know about this topic, but I didn't find anything helpful. My question is simple the same one as in the title: is there a way to make a flashlight with GZdoom that looks like the one in Silent Hill 2 (or somewhat similar)? Meaning it just brightens an area in front of the player no matter what gun you use etc.

Here's a pic of what I mean:

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Something similar is possible with dynamic lights. If you want it to be on regardless of weapon, you can simply put it in the player's own states. The typical method involves constantly spamming invisible, ultra-fast projectiles with collisions disabled (THRUACTORS flag) and a wide attached dynlight (attach them to the trail actors as well).

However it's not perfect. No matter how fast you make them, they're still not instantaneous, so in wide area it can be very noticeable that the ray of light curves when you turn. Further, the beam will be wobbly, because it will not be a straight cone of light, but something more like a series of light bubbles.

So it is possible; but it will not be perfect.

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