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Need a couple suggestions :)

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Since there are tons of addon software out there for doom right now, I would like to know which of them I should go for?

My friend and I want to try cooperative play with many of the nice wads out there.....

1. What engine is the the best right now? Players/stability
Needs to support cooperative play, and easy to use. Where do we download it?

2. Any suggestions for wads having epic boss fights etc? Gives the most fun in cooperative mode?

Thanks in advance :-)

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In addition to supporting Cooperative, it also has a Survival Cooperative: players get a set number of lives. If they die too frequently, they're out of the game until the map is over or everyone is dead.

It also comes with loads of competitive modes, bots, weapons, and powerups. And, if you're into that sort of thing, a host of player-made mods that never seem to go out of popularity.

Finally, it supports Open-GL graphics and 3d floors.

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Out of Zdaemon and Skulltag I would have to suggest the latter, but it depends on what you want. If you want an experience as close to the original doom experience as possible while being easy to set up, Zdaemon is the way to go. If you want better graphics and some new gameplay modes, such as survival coop and invasion (quite good for coop), Skulltag is for you. Skulltag also gives you more monsters, weapons and powerups to play with on custom maps.

For good coop wads, I would recommend the hell revealed wads and alien vendetta. If you want to add some extra challenge to any wad you play, hard doom is a good pk3 file to also load up on the server.

As for epic boss fights... try armageddon2v5. It requires skulltag to play it, since it is an invasion wad, however.

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I can definitely recommend GZDoom/ZDoom for multiplayer if you're not daunted by launching MP through a console or 3rd party launcher (ZDL for instance)

As far as great Coop wads: Alien Vendetta, Deus Vult II, Plutonia 1 + 2 are good classic feeling wads.

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Thanks for replying guys!! :)

So all those maps you mentioned, works fine with skulltag?
I find many many of the maps I downloaded, not comming up as an option, when I start skulltag..

Thanks again for the answers!

Best regards

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kelben said:

I find many many of the maps I downloaded, not comming up as an option, when I start skulltag.

Not all .wad files are the same. There are both IWADs and PWADs. Skulltag will only offer you as options when you start it up the IWADs, since it's a game selection box you have. For loading a mod, you have to tell it to (there are a lot of different ways you can do that, such as drag and drop). Here, this talks about ZDoom, but it applies to Skulltag as well (and in fact, to a lot of ports).

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Thanks a lot :) I will give it a try! Can't wait to try all those great maps out there

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