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your setings

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if u use a port, even more one of the GL'ed ports, what are your prefered settings. personaly i use legacyGL. i run at 1024x768 res. i use all the gl effects and i heavy up the fog. you can be ammazed how good, scary, evil and plain creepy doom looks with fog. i like both green and yellow, however i recomend useing the yellow fog because so many textures are green. also the yellow or yellow red fits in the doom 1 levels very well. anyway what are some other effects you can use in legacy or other GL ports

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Well, just for the sake (I'm a pointless being, but I find great satisfaction in being so ;) here's my preferred settings:

Vanilla Ultimate Doom, usually with -warp 1 1 -skill 5
Mouse sensitivity at 60,
Joyb_Speed = 31 cheat on (Autorun)

Sound FX and music at full volume.

Nothing else to draw my attention away. And I don't stop until I've completed at least Episode 1.

There. How pointless ;)

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my computer sucks.

at least so I can't have any real cool gl effects.

but like , you know.

for real dawg.

I run zdoom at 640x400.

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