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For any of you tas viewers/creators out there, ive put together a very simple scripting language for creating built demos. Heres 2 videos of demo .lmp's compiled with LumpScript.


The original code for this is built into a tas doom port im working on. I created this stand alone exe for any of you that might be interested in giving it a try. Let me know what you think. It comes with 3 example scripts, a very weak how-to/reference, and the source code.

I didnt really do any research to see if there was something out there like this already. I know of LMPC, but ive only used that for demo comparison and not building demos from scratch. Not sure how it would compare to mine, or how mine would compare to re-recording ports(i really shouldve tried some of the ones out there before starting this).

feel free to add this under the utilities page on the site

lumpscript v1.337.zip

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