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Doom Puzzle Threat(d)

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No, this is not a PWAD. This is a Puzzle Game to spend some (or maybe a lot) time.
You will need MS-Paint to solve it (or any other similar program.
Use the "fill" tool to colour each cell.
I recommend to use brown for this Puzzle. ;-)

-> Download it here:

Nightmare (extremely hard):

Ultraviolence (very hard)

Hurt me plenty (hard)

Hey, not too rough (normal)

I'm too young to solve this (easy)

The easiest the difficult, the more cells already coloured.
Ask me for the solution, if you want it.

To finish the Puzzle and win, you have to:

1.- Shadow (colour) the cells, and obtain the hidden image. The image is Doom-Related.

2.- To obtain the correct image, you will have to shadow having into account the rows and the columns.

3.- The numbers in the left and top, represent the number of cells to shadow on each row and column, respectively.
Each row/column have ONLY, not more, not less, the designed amount of shadowed cells. That means that you have to match the shadowed cells to each row and column numbers.

4.- Some rows/cells, contains more than one number. Each number represents the group of cells that need to be shadowed together, before an empty (white) space appears, and then the next group of cells need to be shadower again.
ยท Example: a group of numbers like this [3|2|4], means that the row/column has three separated groups of cells to shadow: a group of 3 shadow cells, then, some unspecified white spaces, then 2 shadow cells, then some more unspecified white spaces and finally the last shadowed 4 cells.

5.- When colouring groups of cells in rows, the numbers in the left, correspond to cells in the left, and numbers in the right, correspond to cells in the right. The number in the middle will correspond to the group of shadowed cells in the middle of the canvas

6.- When colouring groups of cell in columns, the numbers in the higher part, correspond to cells near the top, and numbers in the lower part, correspond to cell near the bottom. The number in the middle will correspond to the shadowed cells in the middle of the canvas.


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