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General Rainbow Bacon

Crazy speedrun of doom 2

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A few issues, all at once.

1) While it is indeed amazing, I think *everyone* active in the Speed Demos forum has seen this demo.

2) You seem to be unaware of the existence of the Doomed Speed Demos Archive, which is active again thanks to the dedication of Andy Olivera. There, you can find an equally amazing run by Henning Skogsto performed last year (direct link) which is a bit faster and shows amazing perseverance - 99% players would have quitted after MAP06. Also, in the other thread you mentioned One Bloody Night last map - the same person who did the NM run you cited, stx-Vile, has his fastest demo at DSDA (the last one in the list).

3) In a few days you started more threads than myself during a year - the admins will tell you whether it is appropriate...

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Yes, please stop creating new threads without a very good reason.

Your enthusiasm for demos is great, but perhaps it would be a good idea for read more and only post if you are still convinced that it is relevant and interesting to the people who read this forum.

Thread closed and a few of your others merged into existing ones, particularly the Misc demos thread.

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