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So from what I've gathered, ZDoom deep water cannot splash

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It is possible.

There is a file called SPLASH2.ZIP by Corwin that does it. This file basically uses the Heretic splash feature, but in doom, using the zdoom terrain lump. There was word in Randy Heit's recently published changelog that he has added features to doom splash support so I believe Corwin is going to look at that and maybe produce a new splash wad.

Anyway, head over to the zdoom forums and do a search for splash2.zip, or maybe just splash. You should find it quick enough.


get it here


Which is from David Fersat's page


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OK, I see what you are asking. It is still possible.

I'm guessing the deep water areas in the maps you have been trying are deep, but do not have the zdoom deep water thing (edit num 9045) in the control sector to make the water swimable.

Deep water without the swimable water thing = no splash

Deep water with the swimable water thing = splash

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this is so crazy.. yes, I did add those water spot things into the control sectors... as a matter of fact, i figured out how to do that by looking at I believe it is your "njtrain.wad" because I remember you had a few cars with swimmable areas and I always wondered how you did that, then I realized how simple it was... the messed up part is, yes, the water in my map is NOW swimmable, but it still doesn't splash, nor to projectiles make it splash either...

note: the water areas in njtrain.wad didn't splash either.. just swimmable...

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Okay, I just tried my Njtrain with a copy of splash2 loaded, this is what I got with Zdoom beta 30:

Jumping into the liquid filled cars made a splash

Firing a projectile into the cars made a splash

Firing a hitscan weapon (pistol etc) made a splash noise, but I couldn't see a visible splash.

The above was most obvious in the car with the nukage in it as that flat gives off "smoke" as well as a splash, and a loud noise.

The stuff about splashes that Randy mentioned in his update did talk about hitscan weapons:

New: Instant hit weapons can make splashes in liquids, even deep ones. The size of the splash is determined by the weapon's puff's mass, so I set several of the puff actors to have masses of 5 so their trails only leave small splashes instead of big ones.

I'll make a guess that because this is a new feature, it is looking for something that isn't supported by the old splash2 wad.


OK, hold that thought, I'm really not sure what is going on now. I just tried some levels in my TC that use deep and non deep water. I have a terrain lump based on editing the one from splash2, but there must be some difference because I was able to get splashes in all liquids - deep or not.

Actually, just tried again, I noticed that the way it looks like Randy has made the splash "smaller" for instant hit weapons is to draw the sprite lower in the floor (so only the top of the sprite can be seen above the flat) and to not spawn the secondary effect like smoke or smaller droplets of water splashing up. With the sprites I used, sometimes only a pixel or so was visible above the "liquid", so my guess is that splash2.wad is allowing splashes to be made for all weapons (at least when I tried it with my njtrain), but I wasn't able to see the hitscan weapon splashes, because of the above, even though I could hear them.

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okay, i'll try and do some figuring on it when i get home... hopefully i can get this to work.. it's VERY important to me... you just add the splash2.wad to your skins directory, correct?

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you just add the splash2.wad to your skins directory, correct?

Yup. Things are still the same for me as reported above but with the more recent beta 31.

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argggh!! still no luck... i am using beta 31 now too... you are SURE that this works with the transfer heights special, ala deep water? because for some reason it splashes when i dont have deep water, but just a pool you can stand on.. but as far as deep water goes, nothing still...

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OK, Just tested the Splash wad with a variety of deep water sectors. Its a bit of a mixed bag I'm afraid. Not as good as I thought it was when playing with my own version of it (no point in giving you a copy of that though as it is for a different project and doesn't tie in with the doom default flats). I'll have to go back and give my version a proper work out to try and see what is happening with it now though.

Anyway, the following is all in deep water sectors without swimable things.

Fwater. No splash. Maybe the small splash sound (DSDRIP) is being made when hitting the water with hitscan weapons. There seems to be a slight extra sound on top of the shotgun sound when shooting at the water compared to other flats. Hard to tell.

Lava. Noise, but no splash from hitscan weapons, nothing from projectiles or jumping in to the water

Blood. As lava

Nukage. As lava

Brown slime (both types) No splash.

In sectors with deepwater things.

Fwater. small splash from hitscan weapons with no sound, full splash and sound from projectiles and jumping in. Maybe quiet splash sound?

Lava. Splash and sound from everything. I think hitscan ones are smaller but it is hard to tell due to the smoke effect being quite tall.

Blood. Sound, and maybe a tiny splash from hitscan (hard to tell - don't think so). Full splash and sound from projectiles and jumping in.

Nukage. Splash and sound from projectiles and jumping. Sound only from hitscan weapons.

Brown slime (both types) No splash from hitscan, maybe quite sound. Full splash and sound from projectiles and jumping

Normal sector.

Fwater. Small splash from hitscan, maybe quiet sound. Full splash and sound from projectiles and jumping.

Lava. as Fwater, but definite sound with hitscan

Blood. Full splash and sound with jumping and projectiles. Sound with hitscan. Not sure if any of the splash sprite is visible.

Nukage. As Blood

Brown slime (both types) Full splash and sound from jumping and projectiles, nothing obvious visible sprite wise from hitscan. Possibly the small splash sound being used, hard to tell.

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Okay, it's official, I'm a moron... for one thing, I am using a special flat for the water texture, DEM1_1 (because at first I thought you had to replace old flats to put new ones in). So this would obviously be why the water will not splash, because it is associating with the wrong flat texture.. so, would there be a way to alter the TERRAIN lump itself to change which texture the splash effect occur on, or is there some other way to make it continue to use the FWATER flat(s), but with one catch.. I dont want the water to animate, because I am using the flat warping technique for my water and I think the animation kind of sucks with this effect... so, I dont know... what do you think?

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You should be able to get that to work just fine. Towards the bottom of the TERRAIN lump in splash2 there is a list of all the flats that should splash. Just add your flat to that. If it is a warping one, no problem, it works fine. I've done it myself with quite a few flats.

EG, if you have indeed used DEM1_1 and changed it into a warping liquid, you would just add it like this

floor DEM1_1 water
floor BLOOD1 Blood
floor BLOOD2 Blood......

You'll notice I put it in as water. Obviously if another liquid type suits your graphic better, then use that. The options should be pretty obvious when you look inside the terrain lump.

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thanks a lot.. i'm sure everything will work out now... so, would there be a way to pack all that info contained in splash2.wad into my wad? i know how to go about it, but I'm just asking becasue I cant really try until I get home... but the reason I ask is, I just want to make sure that everyone who DOES get my map will have the splash effect involved.. I dont want it left out, because this map is supposed to be perfect.. at least to me, and in order for it to be that, the water MUST splash...

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The stuff in splash wad can just be imported/merged/whatever with your level, and it should work. I dunno so much about other tools, but doing this is an absolute breeze in DeePsea. You would just use the import tool, select splash 2 as your source for lumps and the whole lot will be added at the end of your WAD.

BTW, it is likely that splash3 is just round the corner. Corwin has put it together and is just waiting to hear back from Randy on a couple of points. It makes use of some new Zdoom features (proper support for all doom liquid types).

It is likely to have a dehacked lump in it. If your wad has a dehacked lump already, you will need to add the stuff from the splash dehacked lump to your own one, rather than just importing the splash one and overwriting yours.

Of course, the final splash3 may not have the dehacked lump.

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right, right... sweet Enjay.. you've been a huge help.. I guess I'll wait around for splash3, since the map wont be out for a bit more anyway... thanks again man... i'm sure you'll hear from me again on something or another.. lol..

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Thanks for dobbing me in, Enjay :)

Unfortunately, I'd never actually posted a link to the splash2.zip file on my downloads page, which meant that anyone you sent the my site wouldn't be able to find it there.

I've now updated my site (it was due for it, anyway) so that visitors to the site can now find the file.

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Heh, I did a quick search on the Zdoom forum, and your link came up.

Rather than just link direct to the file I thought I'd better put your actual site up there too.

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