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E1 replacement

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I am working on a full replacement for Episode 1 of Ultimate Doom. The idea is to try and recreate the feel of E1 so levels will be relativley short and the architecture will be simple (simple doesnt mean boring). Being E1 of Doom the levels wont be very hard or particularly challenging, No source port will be required and there are no additional flats, textures, sounds, music, sprites etc.

Any and all feedback/ideas will be appreciated

Here are some token screen shots:


Current Status: Realeased

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I'm sure I'm the first of many who will point this out, but: there is no BFG in E1. Quite frankly, I'm not sure you can build an E1-ish level set WITH a BFG -- as you said, a true E1 style map set probably isn't difficult enough to justify it. Other than that, the screenshots look promising (though I would like to see a few more outdoor areas).

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Well ofc theres not gonna be a bfg in the actual version, i was using the weapons cheat to progress through faster,

Yes I understand the importance of height variation when making an E1 style map and I have tried to include this in my levels

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