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I'm not sure, that's all I noticed. It seems like the recent files show part of their description, and the latest votes show part of the latest comment.

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Most common reviews: I liked it, I liked it - COOL, crap, good, cool, shit, awesome, vomit, awesome., nice, 5/5, great, legendary, meh, not bad, 4/5, legendary., awful, awesome!, meh., epic!, sweet, 3/5, vomit., great!, very good, crap., 2/5, nice., sucks, it's ok., cool!, not bad., 5, excellent, wtf, its ok, boring, best ever, excellent., retarded, 0/5, ok, sucks ass, epic, 1/5, great! 5/5, amazing., amazing

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TimeOfDeath said:

I liked it - COOL

Does it mean you'll finally release your stuff back on /idgames?

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