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Mr. Freeze

Sean Hannity: Freedom Scammer

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While every charity out there engages in this behavior, this example is special. Why? Because Hannity keeps browbeating his audience to "do more for the troops" and to "be patriotic no matter what".

Which you can do by donating! But please try to ignore the 96% overhead.

Fuck you, you fat piece of shit.

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Mr. Freeze said:

Which you can do by donating! But please try to ignore the 96% overhead.

That's almost par for the course in Australia, where most charities have abandoned volunteer collectors in favour of professional fundraisers who typically deliver less than ten cents in the dollar to the nominated charity. It's a scandal that most people are either unaware of or choose to ignore.

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I once had an elaborate plan to get Sean Hannity and Sean Combs in the same room just so they could bludgeon each other to death, or at the very minimum, argue about rap music... in which case, they'd both realize just how stupid they are and give up on doing anything ever...

If only dreams came true.

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This really isn't all that surprising.

"Heavenly Bank Account," Rockapella's take on Frank Zappa's song about organizations that are supposedly "non profit." Also this is the first time I've heard someone from Rockapella say fuck.

"Tax the fuck out of the churches~!"

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Rockapella covered Frank Zappa?

That's fucking awesome, though I don't know why it's not surprising me that much.

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Ralphis said:

Mo Money Mo Problems

Anyone who produced this could most certainly not be that stupid

Actually, that's one the songs I think of when I think of Diddy as a terrible producer. It isn't even really making a beat so much as it is rapping over an already-famous song with a slightly different drumline. Also see: Come With Me, Missin' You. His production can't hold a candle to a good deal of others.

Also, that dude totally lucked into having Biggie as an MC for his beats. Anyone else rapping over "Juicy" would have probably wound up being terrible. Then Diddy almost went and fucked up Suicidal Thoughts by randomly dropping a, "Tell them Biggie" in the background (or something like that). He's just a total jackass.

And don't even get me started on his fucking terrible rapping.

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