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General Rainbow Bacon

Mod Idea

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I have an idea for a mod that I think would be cool to see. Doom has always been my favorite game, a close 2nd favorite of mine is Diablo. What if it were possible to make a mod for doom where the enemies have random drops like in Diablo? Where certain "boss" monsters have rare item drops and such and there are prefixes and suffixes for the the items, or even set drops (like in Diablo 2) or unique drops. Just thought it might be cool to merge my two favorite games. Just think "Deadly BFG 9000 of Cyberdemon slaying" +200 damage per monster , + 1000 damage to cyberdemons" or such stuff like that.

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Rare item drops are pretty easy to exploit. I remember in AD2, one of the guys in the last level seemed to have dropped an Uzi when he died. I remember killing him over and over by saving right before until he would drop it.

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