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Actor hits floor issue [Solved]

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I'm currently mapping a level in ZDoom, all the new features I'm still getting used to as well.

What I've been trying to do here is have a sector that when I hit the bottom, it teleports me. So I figured Thing Type - 9999 "Actor hits floor" would be the ideal thing to use. I have the thing tagged the same as the sector that I hit the floor in, with a teleport action tagged to the sector I want to teleport to.

After all of this, it doesn't work, any help from those mappers with much more ZDoom experience?

EDIT: Nevermind, I solved it within minutes of posting this thread, I tagged the sector thing's target thing to match the exit teleport thing and it all worked out. To avoid anymore problems like this, any good ZDoom tutorials for Doom Builder which actually describes the functions of stuff?

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