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Uacs Ending-(new wad)

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Hello. I am ready to release a non-complete version of my wad. Since it is currently a demo it might have the following:

-Missing Textures
-Missing Sounds
-Data Errors (Don't Happen very often maybe just on my PC)
-Maps may think there's no player start (type idclev and the maps number to fix it ... ex: on map 01 it's idclev 01)

If you find any more bugs, problems, or other things that might be bad for my wad, please contact me at Travisw9@gmail.com

Thank you just want to know what other people think of this wad and i will release a full version when I get the comments and the chance to edit.


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PROTIP - Don't use the Doom 2 IWAD as a base for modification.

I'll comment on the maps after I've finished sanitizing the wad.

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