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Modern Warfare 2 Secondary tips

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My brother posted a video on how to use a secondary weapon in modern warfare 2

Some pretty damn fine pointers in there,plus I realise that he's freakishly good at games

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You wanna put ODDkQAmwyZc between yt tags, not the whole video url.

Your brother's pretty good, and I think the video was helpful. I prefer IamVooDooo's tutorials, though. He taught me how to use Claymores and I love him for it. Also, Scavenger > Sleight of Hand. How you gonna get a high k/d when you're always running out of ammo?

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Machineguns work fine with slight of hand. Scavenger is only a big deal with good weapons with low ammo (M93 raffica or SCAR-H)

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Yeah Sleight is great for LMGs. Although when using the RPD I find I'll die before I expend an entire clip. So I'll use Marathon for mobility. Love that RPD, great accuracy with grip, bitchin ironsight. Tend to get alot of multikills with players that like to travel in packs, because I'll have more bullets in my clip than all of them combined :D


That's an impressive KD ratio. Only way I ever got through a match flawless was playing TD:Express in that huge snow level. Hid inside the video store for practically the whole round, and got a couple snipes by climbing the roof of the building nearby.

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Light Machineguns suck IMO.

Some of my personal favorites:

M4A1 or AK-47 + Suppressor / G18 + FMJ / Scavenger Pro / Cold-Blooded Pro / Ninja Pro
I pretty much 100% of the time have killstreaks greater than 5 with this setup. Never in my entire time of playing (I'm third prestige, level 23) have I ever gotten a KDR in a match less than 5:1. Scavenger Pro is very handy for this reason, and well... Cold-Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro are pretty much the only perks that matter for the other slots besides maybe Sitrep Pro and Lightweight Pro.

FAMAS + RDS + FMJ / G18 + FMJ / Bling Pro / Lightweight Pro / Ninja Pro
The FAMAS is a pretty impressive assault rifle. I used to think it sucked until I found out it fired in three-round bursts. It maintains decent accuracy even at ridiculous distance, so it's worth a try. FMJ works wonders on this weapon.

UMP45 + Suppressor / M93R + Suppressor / Scavenger Pro / Lightweight Pro / Sitrep Pro
My "secondaries warfare" class. I use the M93R as my primary with this class and only use the UMP45 when I enter a building or tight space. The M93R is accurate enough to snipe with - you just have to be more careful with how sensitive its aim is compared to an assault rifle. Got Lightweight Pro because I tend to sprint more with this class and Sitrep Pro because everyone is too stupid to generally realize that Ninja Pro is the best Perk 3.

I also only play Hardcore, if anyone's curious. I have a KDR of roughly 1.1, give or take (my KDR lately is actually much higher, but I sucked when I started playing on launch-day :P).

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Fisk said:

(I'm third prestige, level 23)

Fisk said:

I am Darkhaven3 on PSN, Level 70 Prestige 1. Not Prestiging again. :V

Also, yeah, I guess Sleight of Hand Pro would be good for LMG, but I'd probably use it more for the faster aiming.

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DuckReconMajor said:

Fisk is a moron

Yeah, I decided I could use the extra custom slots and I was tired of unlocking shit and not getting levelups. :/

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