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STTNUM4 from hell (what's wrong with XWE?!)

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I was just importing all new graphics to change status bar and all numbers on it. For every number, I just made a darker version of it with PhotoShop, which is 100% copy&paste work for every number. And I've imported every number with XWE perfectly - besides freaking STTNUM4!

Whatever I try, XWE screws this number over every time I import it and it looks like pixel chaos or has no transparency. I've saved in multiple formats, even with 100% doom palette and imported with raw data - doesn't work. SlumpEd does the same. No matter what I try, I end up with the number

a) not showing at all
b) having no transparency
c) pixel mess

Why won't XWE let me import this freaking number?

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I have no problems with STTNUM4. If SLumpEd's also affected it could be an access rights issue or a corrupted wad.

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