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Best Skin Maker?

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Hi, I'm Clonehunter, someone new to here. Anyways, I now I don't really know if Doom "Skinning" or whatever still really goes on Much, or if now its all just Maps and such, but either way, I guess I would just like to know what is currently probally the best Wad editing tool which enables custom player skins to be built and such. I have all the frames i need (Pictures of an Action Figure :P ), Now I just need the tool.

EDIT: Okay so nevermind. WinTex works fine, as in the whole version of the story, I just needed some help figuring something out in Wintex. I emailed the guy from Epidermis Emporiem, but I didnt think he would ever answer so.... Well he emailed me today, so I got what I needed. Hehe, should've checked my email before this post.... Heh...

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