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Anyone up for a test run?

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Hello I have been working on a wad for awhile now called HellOnMars and I would like some people to take the 3 maps I have finished for a test run. The first 3 maps are tech base mixed with a bit of hell (hopefully I got it at least half way right;) ) and the next 3 are going to take place in hell. In Map 3 there is still some places that need a little bit of work but its all pretty much done.

In map 3 if you get stuck anywhere remember "computer terminals" ;)

Difficulties are implemented (dont know how well though).

This REQUIRES: Skulltag your comp capable of OpenGl and D00M 2.

Anyone willing to take it for a test run, I thank you!
I need some constructive criticism.
Thanks guys!


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Using my old 97 version of skulltag and the new 98b I get an address error or something, not sure what it means. Checking stuff out ...

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I reuploaded it hopefully that will fix it. With that error I get that too but only after ive been editing it. If I wait a few it will launch without the error. I thought it was just win7 acting up or something??

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Ok, I can play it now. It seems about the same as it was last time I played it, but on map03, just after the open canyon-like area with box of rockets under the overhang, I went up that ramp and came back down but somehow got past the pillars that went down. I can't remember how exactly that part works but I don't think that was intentional. Just about the only problem I had, although I died behind a pillar on the upper floor on the red key bit when the chaingunners pop out and didn't feel like playing more.

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