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Disabling custom music in fan made wads

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I don't want to sound mean or passive aggressive in this thread at all so I hope no one takes me the wrong way... but as much as I love playing fan made doom megawads, I really don't like the custom music lots of people put into it to the point where I don't want to play the wad at all! Too much of the time it's just putting in music for the sake of putting in music, while the custom music is alright in it's own right I guess.... it just doesn't fit the evil atmosphere that Doom lives and breathes off as well as taking off a bit of the atmosphere in my opinion.

I'd like to know if I can change settings so the natural music will play instead of the custom music.

Thanks in advance!

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DeathevokatioN said:

natural music

Yeah. Turn Doom's music off, and have a couple of didgeridoo and bamboo panpipes playing hippies in the same room as you. Or just open your window and have the sound of nature as a background :-p


OK, to disable music in non-source port specific formats, you can either edit the offending PWAD and remove the .MUS lumps, or, more easily, create a PWAD with Doom's original MUS lumps and load it AFTER the PWAD: this way, the lastly loaded .MUS lumps will take priority.

Removing source port-specific music is harder though, since you'll have to remove scripts as well as music files in other formats.

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You can turn the music off in the options menu. Just slide the volume all the way down, put your own music on, Voila!

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Thanks for the responses, I'll try what you said Maes. Never underestimate the power of Satanic hippies and their flutes though, heh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z0v_Y6OVEA&feature=related

Krispavera, I got my own music, but the ambient tracks from DooM suites the game much more than anything else because it kinda melds into the atmosphere of the game while not trying to be too much in the forefront.

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