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Hovercraft Player

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A simple question: How I take the DoomPlayer to more drifting moves like Hovercraft or on friction ice? (independent to sector action!)

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kristus said:

I'm fairly certain it can be done in ports like Zdoom, but it's hardly simple.

Hmm...I tried finding a property that governs how much friction affects a player but I thought maybe it's hard-coded, and the sector properties just affect it or whatever

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If using ZDoom, then yeah there doesn't seem to be actor properties for friction. (at least as far as I could find..)

but if you don't mind affecting friction for all actors, then you could use a TERRAIN lump with a DefaultTerrain block (requires zdoom 2.4.1)

this would affect all flats that have no terrains defined to them.

terrain lowfriction
	friction 1.70

defaultterrain lowfriction
EDIT2:fixed the code.

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