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I can't modify projectiles.

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Heya peepz.

I'm trying to create a Cacodemon that fires missiles that seek the player. I'm trying to lower the spawning point of the Revenant's missile, but can't. I change the "height" of "RevenantTracer" in DECORATE, but nothing happens, no matter what I put. How do I edit projectiles?

Thanks in advance.

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You change the "A_SkelMissile" in your customized "CacodemonX" script to A_FireCustomMissile.
Then you fill A_FireCustomMissile (string missiletype [, angle angle [, bool useammo [, int spawnofs_horz [, int spawnheight [, int aim[, angle pitch]]]]]]) .

In your example:

A_FireCustomMissile ("RevenantTracer" , 0, 0, 0, -5 (or other number --> spawnheight) )

The "height" in projectile script describes the tall size like in monster script.

For more helps see Zdoom Wiki.

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