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(G)ZDoom Multiplayer Launcher

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As the thread title suggests, I've created a mutliplayer launcher for users of GZDoom or ZDoom. Simply put, the program allows users to launch a ZDoom or GZDoom multiplayer session from an easy-to-use GUI console as opposed to entering commands via the command line.

This is my first publically released application. As such, there may be some bugs present that I have not found. Please use this thread to discuss such bugs or any other comments or concerns that you may have.

Installation instructions:
The launcher executable can be ran from any location. It does not need any formal installation.

.Net framework is required


Hopefully somebody finds this useful!

Thanks to Bloodshedder for the hosting.

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Don't call me an idiot for asking this but...

By ZDoom multiplayer does it mean just LAN? Or can it be played by connecting to an IP from another location?

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Super Flip said:

Or can it be played by connecting to an IP from another location?


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damn, this could actually be the thing I have been looking for!

I'll try it out soon,
and if it works,

I've just been looking for this so long!
hope it works..

thanks anyway!!!!!!

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I tried it and it works!!! jipieee :)
damn man, thank you!

but ok, you asked for feedback..
well, is it possible to play Deathmatch V2 with zdoom?
cause that one isn't integrated in your launcher, maybe you can change that? And is there an option available to play without monsters?
cause that would be cool to!
but anyway, this is really a handy launcher!

I thank you!

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great launcher, is the source code available? I wanted to add some features like nomonsters, persist settings etc.


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Um I've ran into a problem what happened was me and my friend were playing Doom 1 and we completed the first chapter so we exited Doom to start a new server on the second chapter. There's only 9 levels in the first chapter so I set it to level 10 so we tried to get into it and it said.
Execution Error
Could Not Load E1M (after the M it was blank)

So basically its trying to send us to E1M10 which is Chapter 1 Mission 10. WHICH DOESN'T EXIST!

So please help


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I am not getting this to work with any pwads. whenever I run it I am sent just to Doom 2 map 1. The prompt after I click go is saying in it, for example: "-file C:\Users\me\documents\games\Doom\whatever.wad" But all I see is Entryway. With a program this simple what could I possibly be doing wrong?

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