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Doom 64 TC custom WADs

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Not sure why, but I've been in a craze recently to play custom WAD's for the Doom 64 TC.

I've already tried the ones mentioned over at Psyren's Doom 64 TC Guide page:

-Redemption Denied
-Temple Ruins
-Waste Processing
-Mining Front

I've also played an E1M1 recreation that someone posted about a year ago.

Are there any others I missed?

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The Doom 64 TC sucks compared to Doom64EX, just to say.

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Yes, I know the TC is definitely inferior to the newer EX. Still, it's a craze.

About the other thread: Aw, I overlooked that thread. I should have checked a few more earlier pages... Guess you can close this thread, merge it or something (unless there's not a problem).

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