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Demo (.LMP) conversions.

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I'm looking for software to convert a Doom II demo (.LMP) to a common video format (such as .avi, .wmv, .mp4). I cannot screen record demos through any 3rd party software as I play them back or screen record as I play, due to low memory. My preferred Doom II version would be the original (DOS) Doom II. I've messed with PRBoom a bit, but I can't figure out how to do it through PRBoom either.

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if you want to use doom2.exe as a source , fraps will not work. The best choice would be dosbox' avi recording capability.

Otherwise glboom + fraps works very well.

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Necro'ing thread here because I have problems with Fraps. Sound playback doesn't match (eg. shots fired by the pistol are a few seconds late in the video playback). I'm not paying for this crap. CamStudio is even more crap, so is Hypercam2. Any other good software out there? I would like to record demos using ZDoom but want to have it in video format eventually (Prboom also gives problems on my computer, the fire button is unresponsive).

I have a Vista system (32 bit), that probably explains all the problems. Anybody helping out, thanks a bunch in advance!

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