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[zdoom] Monster Teleport -> push a Cybie in it please

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Hi folks!

I want a Cyberdemon being pushed / pulled into a monster teleport. The teleporter can be blocked, so I've already made two lines above and underneath that teleport him into the same sector again if he fails to teleport (endless loop).

Now the problem: I can't find a way to push the cybie in a direction! I've tried sector specials like carry or wind, but they don't affect the cyb (player is affected, maybe cyberdemon is too fat?). Even the under water trick etc. doesn't work, same for pushers, pullers and even slopes :(

The only thing that worked so far was Linedef type 223 (Scroll Floor) but that caused a GZdoom glitch(?) that every 3d sector in the entire level also scrolled their floors.

I don't want to create the cyberdemon, and even with that it would be the same problem of having the spawn spot being occupied by some other monster and it won't get created, which would be an even bigger problem.

So, what do I do?

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Try this actor instead:

ACTOR Cyberpushover : Cyberdemon 1337 { +WINDTHRUST }
Now put it in your map instead of a normal cyberdemon, and it'll be pushed around by pusher/puller and other such effects.

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