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I've had a couple of ideas floating around for a while now on things that could be put into a level, either to fit into a theme or to add a level of surprise or difficulty.

Occurred to me when I saw the "MR. ADOLPH KILL YOU" trap, where a crusher is activated on a voodoo doll and the player gets rather quickly finished off... How about a level with a slow crusher activated right from the start on a voodoo doll, to simulate that the entire environment has corrosive air / is VERY radioactive (a nuke has recently gone off) / other similar themes? My (limited) understanding of slow-crushers is that once they hit an object they slow down even further (to 1/8 their normal speed), so a properly set crusher would provide the feel of a very dangerous and difficult level without being guaranteed fatal... Unless the player gets their health badly trashed by a monster, in which case the hazardous environment will finish them off nicely! *Evil laugh*

In keeping with the previous idea, the crusher could be temporarily stopped by a linedef that gets triggered when a player collects a radiation suit, and the crusher stays stopped for the amount of time it takes for the suit to wear off (ie, the corrosion is slowly eating through it, and this is why it disappears at all). Radiation suits could become as important a factor in staying alive as health and armor!

It just occurred to me: The entire level could be set to Damaging Floor, which would have the same effect in theory; however an active crusher (level-wide) + damaging floor (in some sectors) would make for some VERY dangerous rooms for the unshielded!

Barrels can trigger various effects (esp. when they are in motion) right? They can be teleported, trigger linedefs, cause infighting between same-type monsters... All sorts of fun. Perhaps some teleporting-barrel traps would be a nasty surprise for the unsuspecting player, or used BY the player (if shot in the correct direction) to trigger a linedef that opens a secret area - Possibly as a chain of teleporting -> exploding on the other side -> hits other barrels that explode in sequence -> last one crosses the linedef to open the secret. The first barrel not being shot the right way... or not noticed... means no secret for you, Mr. Player!

What are your thoughts on these, good people?

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Gingercat said:

It just occurred to me: The entire level could be set to Damaging Floor, which would have the same effect in theory; however an active crusher (level-wide) + damaging floor (in some sectors) would make for some VERY dangerous rooms for the unshielded!

I wish you hadn't included this in your post, because by the time I got to this paragraph I had already mentally composed an extremely sarcastic response to those first two ideas - something like "Hey, putting a voodoo doll in a crusher to simulate environment damage is a really great idea! Environment damage could really liven up this game by creating lots of new gameplay situations, realistic environmental hazards, etc. It's funny that the programmers over at id never saw this opportunity, because they probably could have coded in an easier way to set this up. Maybe they could have added some damaging sector types for the level designers to use, because right now sector types are only useful for manipulating lighting, which is kind of lame. Also, this would have provided a reason for the radiation suit to exist, which right now is totally useless," and etc. But because you acknowledged the existence of damaging floors I don't get to write it.

For a clever usage of teleporting barrels, check out Suspended in Dusk. For non-stop off-the-wall barrel-related hijinx, see barrel2.wad.

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I wasn't specific enough with regard to the crusher idea: I thought that Damaging Floor would do the same thing, until I thought just now that DFs do damage in quite short time intervals, whereas a crusher may be able to vary (say, damage every 5 seconds, as opposed to a DF with every 0.5 - 1 second).

Having an entirely DF-based level would see the player getting eaten alive, and quite quickly. With a slow crusher, the damage wouldn't happen nearly as often, thus still making it a constant threat but not a constant scratch around for health and armor replacements.

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And Creaphis: Nicely [un]said. :)

Edit: Research tells me that crushers do damage bloody fast, so they'd have to be set up to have a drop of however far to take 5 seconds to hit the voodoo doll, only have enough space left to do one "crush" on it, then cycle back up for 5 seconds then down again (and be a normal crusher, not a slow one), in order to have a roughly once-per-10-second damage effect.

Temporary stops as per linedefs in front of a radiation suit would still work well if they can be timer'd.

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