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Concept art

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Well well

I've been working on a Doom TC for some time now, not long enough to actually start announcing and or showing actual screen-shots though.

anyway I thought this would be the right place to just post some of the concept art I've made along the way of the projects lifespan

Prophet follower

Chronos the exiled

Field gigant



two more

Fetid flesh Imp


the two last ones are final art that I got a bit carried away with

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Pretty good!

The 2 edits really stand out though, in comparison to the sketch pieces that is, merely due to the fact they're more complete and, of course, rich in detail and colour. Some elements in your designs remind me of Hexen/Heretic, and this is great!

I'd love to see more of this TC as it develops.

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I wont say it isn't obvious, but yes great observation! I did try to mish-mash Doom monsters with a bit of Hexen/Heretic feel and look.

the Imp was inspired by the Reiver's in Hexen, but at the end it came out as a ground-bound monster

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I couldn't really see what Astarte was but all the other pictures are pretty awesome. Keep up the good work. Like to see some of those sketches colored; they'd probably look pretty nice.


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Oh I'm glad people like them. If I get my scanner working again I'll post some of the other sketches. got a few more plus Chronos final art.


Just two finals


Chronos look I ended up with. (not so much extra stuff hanging all around)

Very old art

old Astarte look
Thought she looked too much like Chronos in the early art.

Chronos old look
Same art as in the OP, but not taken with a cellphone camera =p


An early boss which was intended to work like the Icon of sin, but this was back in Vanilla DoomII and it looked so horrible I scraped it.

Was once part of the story, later just a companion when I switched to Zdoom, but again it came out bad so the character and idea was scrapped. (plus it looked way too much like anime =p)

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